"My art is made with both effort and rest, always with gratefulness, seeking objectives that make my entire nature, that is, body and soul, vibrate. I love all the arts because I see that in each one there is an experimentation and an extremely enriching learning. Instructing your self in a discipline, be it music, dance, singing, literature or any other, inevitably involves hard work. Every art is truly pure work, concentrated dedication, well aimed to reach high and noble objectives, both material and immaterial. My art is also a joyful coming and going in the midst of the abundance of life that is given to us with so much to enjoy, for our own good. "

Mauricio Sepúlveda

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USA: 2522 Ponce de Leon, Coral Gables, Florida 33134.

+1 (805) 689-2195

CHILE: Avenida Nueva Costanera 3666, Vitacura, Santiago.

+56 22 228 8779


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