por Margarita Garcés

Acrílico sobre aluminio

122 x 80 cm

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Margarita Garcés

Margarita Garcés is a Chilean artist, born in 1966. She has a Design degree, and has participated in numerous workshops with renowned Chilean artists, where she completed his training.

Since 1999 she has held numerous solo and group exhibitions and fairs in Chile, United States and Europe.

"My paintings situate physical locations in random and imaginary spaces. I use elements of the language of cartography to give a real reference, to locate the eye in something already known, in this case I use galaxies travel to a non-existent world. Drawing, painting, staining and cutting paper, have become my methods for navigating the fuzzy terrain of memory and imagination. A trip to a world without an imposed rule, a space with its own logic, another law of gravity."