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Amauri Torezan

Amauri Torezan (B. 1972, São Paulo - Brazil, lives in South Florida, USA) Amauri Torezan is a contemporary artist known for his bold abstract art. Influenced by his interest in modernist abstraction, Torezan explores the interrelation between colors and forms as he incorporates elements of geometry and optical illusion, using a unique visual language to create fresh and dynamic compositions. In his work, shapes and lines seem to be floating around each other as they were suspended in space, the contrasting bold colors enhance the exuberant depth effect creating a sensation of a vibrant life. Torezan’s works have been exhibited at The Baker Museum, Coral Springs Museum of Art as well as in art galleries and international art fairs. Among his artistic collaborations are monumental public murals and partnerships with brands such as the Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer. Torezan’s art is held in corporate and private collections worldwide.