Sin Título

por Sebastián Riffo


150 X 150 cm

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Sebastián Riffo

Informed through the lens of anthropology, sociology and consumer behavior theories, the artist uses his unique techniques to create a clever and elaborate critique of how our social beliefs are created such as consumerism. These connections are something we seldom consider.

So, on one hand, his technique presents a presentation that is sharp, honest and concrete and embodies a sense of realism. But on the other hand, Riffo Montenegro´s work takes the viewer beyond the initial perception, therefore toying with the old adage, “there’s more to this then what the eye can see.” His ability to both hide the image and reveal its meaning at the same time sets his works apart and through his art, one finds a dialogue regarding cultural icons who have shaped our unconscious beliefs. In this way, Riffo’s medium invites his viewers into reflection and deeper consideration of our current human condition.